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 Althea (more details added on a regular basis)

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Althea (more details added on a regular basis) Empty
PostSubject: Althea (more details added on a regular basis)   Althea (more details added on a regular basis) EmptyFri Jan 11, 2013 4:30 pm

Althea is a world set in a medieval time period. The people in this world are of several different origins. There are regular humans, blessed humans, spirits, and other magical entities. The world is made up of one large continent with forests, a desert, and mountains. Clothing and weapons are similar to those used in medieval times in Britain, although the clothing for women is much less restrictive. Women are able to wear men's clothing if they are travellers, or in any occupation that would require free movement. There hasn’t been a major war on the continent for about 40 years. The average lifespan for men is 65, and for women is 70 years. There are no cities on the continent, only towns and villages. Most towns have approximately 150-300 villagers. There is plenty of communication and trade between the villages, and there are only a few rivalries or problems between towns.

There are 4 different origins possible in this world. The regular humans, blessed humans, spirits, and other magical entities. Each village or town worships one spirit, usually dependant on the location of the town. There are only one or two towns that worship more than one spirit. There are no towns devoted to Kirianna; she has two devoted followers who were originally twins and reincarnate to follow her again. One is a healer; the other can see when someone will die, and guides the dead. Working together they are really powerful. Spirits can bless a child when they are born, which gives the human a few of that spirit’s powers. Spirits generally bless children in a town devoted to them, and only about 2-3 people in every town are blessed. About 1 in every 700 people is blessed by 2 spirits, generally caused by a spirit going into a rival spirit’s town to cause trouble and picking a child to bless that the spirit of that town has also chosen. The result of this is a conflict between the two powers within the blessed individual and may have odd effects. For example, someone blessed by the sun and moon spirits may be able only use their the sun's half of their powers during the day, and the moon's at night. Generally 2 spirits whose personalities do not clash will not bless the same child, unless the child is born outside of towns and the spirits both refuse to give up on blessing the child. That is extremely rare, about 1 in every 1000 people.

There are 11 different spirits in Althea, all in charge of different aspects of the environment.
Name: Meliara (F)
Race: ocean spirit
Powers: control ocean currents, move water, breath underwater, and walk on water
Weaknesses: fire
Appearance: long, dark green hair, blue eyes, green and blue skin with fins on her arms, wears flowey torn clothing, thin
Personality: tidal mood swings, very emotional, dislikes people who criticize or judge based on appearance/gender

Name: Zath (M)
Race: moon spirit
Powers: emit moonlight, shines in the dark, heal, glimpse near future
Weaknesses: daytime
Appearance: short softly spiky silver hair, light grey eyes, pale almost white skin, Romanesque clothing, thin
Personality: lofty, but soft and gentle, caring and kind

Name: Emalia (F)
Race: earth spirit
Powers: create earthquakes, move earth and stone
Weaknesses: air and water together
Appearance: short brown curly hair, green eyes, brown pebbled looking skin, adventurer clothing, solid build
Personality: stubborn, unyielding, unchanging, solid

Name: Alexander (M)
Race: river and lake spirit
Powers: heal, move water, breath underwater, and walk on water
Weaknesses: fire
Appearance: short dark blue hair, light blue eyes, light blue scaled mermaid tail, no clothing, strong build
Personality: goes with the flow, changeable, creative, amiable, harmlessly mischievous

Name: Maellora (F)
Race: night spirit
Powers: create shadows, emit faint light, create darkness, put people to sleep, fly
Weaknesses: daytime
Appearance: silvery long hair, dark almost black eyes, dark skin with light speckles (looks like the night sky), no clothing (she looks like a shadow), unknown build
Personality: Quiet, regal, snobby

Name: Yir (M)
Race: air/cloud spirit
Powers: move air currents, create weather, create and move clouds, float in the air
Weaknesses: earth and fire together
Appearance: white and grey short curly hair, blue and grey eyes, skin changes color like a cloud and is often somewhat see-through, wears robes that look as light as air, unknown build
Personality: flighty, a bit ADD, airheaded, emotional, bubbly

Name: Shara (F)
Race: sun and fire spirit
Powers: create and move fire, create sunlight, stand in fire, wake people up
Weaknesses: water and nighttime
Appearance: long red hair, yellow and orange eyes, very tanned skin, tight revealing clothing, curvy well toned build
Personality: arrogant, temperamental, showy, egotistical

Name: Maribella (F)
Race: flower spirit
Powers: create/grow flowers and vines, give people a feeling of happiness and joy, cause people/animals to love
Weaknesses: things that can crush flowers
Appearance: yellow frizzy shoulder length hair, purple eyes, skin is green with a leafy pattern, wears cute summer dresses, looks like a cute young girl
Personality: sweet, kind, happy, loves to dance

Name: Caladry (F)
Race: tree spirit
Powers: create/grow trees and bushes, give people a feeling of calm and relaxation, cannot forget things
Weaknesses: fire, strong winds
Appearance: green short air with leaves in it, brown eyes, brown skin made of bark, wears vines and leaves for clothing, solid lanky build
Personality: steady but changeable, gentle, intelligent, relaxed

Name: Aram (M)
Race: hunting and animal spirit
Powers: change into any animal, hit any target with any weapon commonly used for hunting, speak to animals
Weaknesses: depends on form he’s in
Appearance: changes, but eyes are always a bright green, when human, has light brown hair, and toned build, and wears a hunters clothing
Personality: kind, down to earth, pleasant, understanding, regal

Name: Kirianna (F)
Race: spirit of life and death
Powers: create life and cause death, guide people who have died, heal even when the person is on the brink of death
Weaknesses: unknown
Appearance: long black wavy hair, one eye is dark grey the other light grey, very very pale, black flowing dress with intricate white embroidery, graceful, slim build
Personality: knowing, confidant, kind, gentle, soft, loving of all

Blessed humans:
These are humans who were chosen by the spirits before birth and given blessings at birth. The personality of a child blessed by a spirit is similar to that of the spirit, but not identical. It also depends on what powers they inherit from the spirit and they will also have more weaknesses than the spirit. They do not gain any of the spirit’s appearance. As there are very few blessed individuals in a village, they are often revered by those around them at a young age and are made responsible for more difficult jobs and tasks, thus generally becoming very well trusted and relied upon individuals. Some spirit's blessings are more useful than others, or more powerful.

Regular Humans:
These are unblessed individuals who live in the world. Although they do not have the same power as a blessed human, they are powerful in their own way. Unlike blessed individuals, regular humans have more choice in what they wish to do with their lives, and live with much less pressure from those around them.

Other magical entities:
These include sprites of many different shapes and sizes, as well as ghosts and cursed beings.
There are tree sprites, water sprites, fire sprites, rock sprites, light sprites and dark sprites. Each has minimal magical powers, except the dark sprites which can be very powerful. The spites generally look like their nature, and are very mischievous creatures. They do not speak, but enjoy tormenting regular humans with their powers. Blessed humans with powers in common with the nature of the sprite can commune with the sprites through thoughts. Sprites, along with their obvious powers, can sometimes glimpse the future, and can be useful friends or pets (if the sprite is willing) for blessed humans.
Not seen by most humans, ghosts are the souls of people, animals, plants, or other creatures who have died. It is the task of Kirianna and one of her two followers to guide the souls into their next life. Most will be reincarnated into a similar being. Some humans blessed by Maellora or Zath may be able to see and communicate with ghosts in their dreams, though most will be unable to remember doing so upon waking.
Cursed Beings:
These are people who have wronged a spirit or misused power gifted from the spirits. Curses vary depending on the offended spirit, the severity of the crime, and the personality of the spirit. Generally the curse is tailored to the specific crime. Most cursed beings are shunned from the rest of civilization for fear that the curse will rub off on those nearest them (it won't) and live a very solitary life. Curses are sometimes lifted if the being makes an enormous, selfless act for a spirit.

Curses from Zath are rare but can include having other people's injuries transported to a being's own body without contact. Curses from Meliara can include inability to come into contact with water without harm, the tendency to fall when around water, and changing forms into the opposite gender. Curses from Emalia can include the body becoming stone, and being unable to move from a certain spot. Curses from Alexander are similar to those of Meliara, without the last one. Curses from Maellora can include coma, living in complete darkness, and inability to see in darkness. Curses from Yir, a bit rare, can include a constant storm centred around only the cursed being, and winds which push them in the opposite direction that they wish to travel in. Curses from Shara can include insomnia, burns that cannot heal, and inability to come within 10 feet of a fire without catching on fire. Curses from Maribella are very rare, but can include a constant feeling of unhappiness, and an aura that causes all around a being to be incapable of love towards them. Curses from Caladry, also very rare, can include an inability to remember even the smallest of details, and a constant anxiety and fear. Curses from Aram can include being forced into the shape of an animal at certain times, or the inability to harm, eat, or sometimes even see animals. Generally Kirianna does not curse anyone, but when she must her curses are the most severe and include living in constant agony but unable to heal or die, and other similar fates.

The world:
In this world there are many of the same plants and animals as on Earth, with a few extras. There are many plants with magical capabilities if used right. There are also plants that can act as stimulants or depressants. Most people do not know of the many useful plants in the world. Only those with an extensive education, or a background in healing with much training know about most of them, and only a select few can utilize them properly. Even someone who knows the plants well can misuse them, and healers are some of the only people who can successfully use the plants without harming themselves or others.

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Posts : 510
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Althea (more details added on a regular basis) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Althea (more details added on a regular basis)   Althea (more details added on a regular basis) EmptyFri Jan 11, 2013 4:44 pm

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Althea (more details added on a regular basis)
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