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 The Dresdenverse

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The Dresdenverse Empty
PostSubject: The Dresdenverse   The Dresdenverse EmptyThu Jun 26, 2014 3:51 pm

Okay, we’re all fairly familiar with the world in question here. It’s the world as set up by Jim Butcher in his “Dresden Files” series, with the magic and monsters and all that good stuff. Of course, there are a few small changes from the world that he created that we have implemented, so I’ll try my best to go over those here as well as give a quick recap of just what the Dresdenverse is.
(Note: the list of changes is by no means exhaustive; if you can think of something I missed please let me know either in a private message or in the comments section below.)

The world itself is much like the world we know and inhabit today. The nations are all as we know them, the people do what we know them to do, and life is as unremarkable as it normally is for the vast majority of the population. All of this is so despite the fact that magic is real and strange and often dangerous creatures prowl about. For any specific details on this world, I’d recommend checking out [Only admins are allowed to see this link] online, in case you happen to have forgotten any given detail, as I doubt I’d be able to completely describe the whole world no matter how much I typed.

Now, for our discrepancies:

•Henceforth we will be more or less ignoring the events detailed in the books. For the purposes of our roleplaying, Harry Dresden does not exist, and so his actions will not be reflected in our world. This allows us to incorporate Red Court vampires into our world (for example), and ignore other key events that may arise later on in the books. (This is just something I thought might be good for our storytelling. If people want me to get rid of it, please let me know)

•There are two additional Fairy Courts: the Fall and Spring Courts

•The Jade Court of Vampires has been fleshed out marginally, so we now have some idea as to what they are and where they operate (more specifically).
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The Dresdenverse
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