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 About the Character Bank

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About the Character Bank Empty
PostSubject: About the Character Bank   About the Character Bank EmptyMon Jun 30, 2014 11:19 am

This forum's purpose is to collect together all the pertinent information for all of our characters. This way all the information will be in a convenient location, and we will also have an online backup incase anything happens. The format for the information for any given character will probably change based on which roleplay (if any) the character is intended for.

Also, if you come up with a character that is not meant for any particular roleplay, feel free to upload them for when a roleplay in which you can use them comes along.

While the template for the character will change based on the individual roleplay, the general format will look something like this:

Character Info

Other/Misc. Info:

Some common variations will ask for things such as supernatural powers, special skills, specific weaknesses, race (generally reserved for sci-fi/fantasy), role in a group, and the like.
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About the Character Bank
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