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 Dresdenverse Character Template

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PostSubject: Dresdenverse Character Template   Dresdenverse Character Template EmptyMon Jun 30, 2014 2:55 pm

Since we are moving from the tabletop format to the more open, narrative structure of an online forum-based roleplaying system, a few changes will need to be made when it comes to writing down the information for the characters. We will be doing away with aspects entirely, as having them around to invoke mandates some form of a fate point-based system, and I don't think keeping track of fate points across potentially multiple simultaneous roleplays is very feasible. (We could make it work hypothetically, but it strikes me as a lot of work for no reason beyond staying true to the origins of the stories.) Furthermore, instead of having a ladder of skills, I'm just asking for brief description of a small collection of skills. We're doing away with difficulty rolls (either your character is good enough or not, it's up to the creator to decide), so having a +5 bonus to something is no longer coherent. Additionally, we're getting rid of the stress track and consequence-based system of conflict and will just have stress and consequences be a narrative part of how the story unfolds. Lastly, while powers will still be around (duh), we no longer have numeric minimums or maximums for the skills, and what a person is capable of doing is instead dictated by logic and common sense. (It no longer matters what Inigo's weapons skill is, he will not be able to take out six foes with one strike, for example.)

Without further ado, here we have the template (specifics subject to change):

Name: What is your character's name? This can be their true name, a nickname, a pseudonym, or anything else provided it is actually what they go by.
Age: How old is your character in years? If the character is ancient, an approximation is all that is necessary (~700 will do instead of 716, though if you want to put 716, be my guest). Also, if there is a large discrepancy between the age and the apparent age, giving some idea of how old the character seems to be might be beneficial.
Sex: Male? Female? Indeterminate? Something else?
Appearance What does your character look like? If they can shapeshift, both(all) appearances would be appreciated.
Skills: What things can your character do remarkably well? How well can they do them? Why are they as good as they are? (The last one may be stated here, or in the history area if you prefer.)
Powers: What magical/supernatural things can your character do?
Personality: Just what makes your character tick?
History: What brought your character to where they are?
Additional Information: (Optional) Is there anything else you'd like to say? Here's the place to do so.

If I'm missing something major here, please inform me, and if you have any suggestions in general, I welcome any and all comments (provided they are actual suggestions.)
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Dresdenverse Character Template
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