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PostSubject: Information   Mon Jun 30, 2014 3:21 pm

The purpose of this section is to collect together all of the characters for any specific roleplay. In essence, whenever a creator makes a new roleplay, and uploads the world and the scenario, and starts up the roleplay thread, they should also make a thread in here for everyone to copy and paste their characters from the scenario section into. The purpose of this is to allow a simple collection of just the information pertaining to the characters in use in any given roleplay, so that anyone wanted to check something can do so simply and easily without having to flip through the information regarding the scenario. It also serves as a backup, should the scenario be deleted for whatever reason.

Note: Uploading characters here for a roleplay is not a replacement for uploading them to the roleplay scenario! Everyone should still put up all the important information for their character in the scenario section, and then just copy and paste that information (and only that information) here.
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