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 Gods and men

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PostSubject: Gods and men   Gods and men EmptyTue Jul 01, 2014 12:31 pm

Post characters here!

Name: Ashera Sage (goes by Ash, Ashera, or Sage)
Race: double blessed
Blessed by: Zath and Maellora
Age: unknown
Personality: She is extremely shy, and has trouble when meeting new people. She is a very kindhearted person, and will heal anyone who is hurt, even if they treated her badly. She is a gentle person. (the villagers were thankful that she didn't get the snobby part of the spirits' personality)
Appearance: She is very pale, with light blonde hair and bright blue eyes. She is a petite person, very slim and can sometimes be slightly sickly looking. She has fine features and doesn't look like she could survive for more than a few minutes in the wilderness.
Abilities: She can heal, she glows softly in the dark, hover (can't completely fly), but her powers are not fully developed, so she may gain more powers. She is fairly intelligent, but hasn't had much of an education.
Weaknesses: She is physically weak, she often gets sick (can't heal herself), healing others can hurt her, not at all stealthy in the dark, and she is shy.
History: When she was very young, no one was sure how old she was, she wandered into a town (dedicated to Alexander) from the forest. She was unwell, nearly starving, tired, and covered in blood. The villagers took her in, and searched the forest, but found nothing. No one knew of her powers for several years, as there was no one to tell them she had been blessed. She grew up not knowing about her past, having been told that her mother died on the road and she was brought to the village by a travelling merchant. She had a happy childhood, and was well loved by the entire (very small) village. When she was older, she was told the truth. When Zath came to her to get her to go on the journey she agreed, hoping Kirianna could give her some answers.
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PostSubject: Re: Gods and men   Gods and men EmptyTue Jul 01, 2014 12:37 pm

Name: Myrddin Tegue (Pronounced Mer-thin Teeg)
Blessed: Yes
Blessed by: Caladry
Age: 16

Personality: Myrddin is an odd fellow. As he can remember everything that ever happened to him, he has developed certain idiosyncrasies to help him get by. He is obsessive about things like pronunciation or spelling, and has difficulties letting go in an argument. He likes to live by a plan, because, so long as he follows a plan, he isn't likely to make mistakes that will never go away. If he doesn't have a plan, he feels incredibly anxious, and undetermined variables cause him great distress. Because of all this, he tends to avoid potential complications, and opts instead to play it safe. Despite these rather troublesome attributes, Myrddin has an almost insatiable curiosity, and he's always trying to learn more. He is the eternal scholar, and he's never happier than when he's learning something new.

Appearance: Myrddin is very thin and slender. He appears quite young for his age, and stands at a whopping 5' 5". He has a youthful face, deep green eyes, and messy, short, light brown hair. When traveling he opts to wear a heavy traveler's cloak over a dark tunic (green, usually) and a white linen shirt. On his legs, he wears well insulated, dark brown pants and well worn brown leather boots.

Powers: Eidetic memory
Weaknesses: A plethora of neuroses, physically very small, highly temperature sensitive, socially inept, tends to spend too much time focusing on past mistakes.

History: With an ability with so many uses, when Myrddin was about ten, he was used to keep track of all of the information pertaining to his village. Furthermore, the village collectively raised funds to hire a private tutor from a larger village to teach him to read, write, and so and such. Once he could read, about half of the additional funds he was able to help raise by organizing the village was put towards books for him to learn from. His home life was a little difficult, for though his parents both cared for him, neither one of them understood him, and he was raised almost as much by the village as he was by his parents. When Caladry came to him, he didn't like the idea of interrupting his routine, but he begrudgingly went, as she was a god after all, and hey, he might just learn something interesting.
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Gods and men
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