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 Fredrich Faraday

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PostSubject: Fredrich Faraday   Fredrich Faraday EmptyTue Jul 01, 2014 12:32 pm

Name: Fredrich Faraday
Age: 144, appears top be ~50
Sex: Male
Appearance: Perpetually burnt off eyebrows, almost six feet tall, constantly wears a lab coat with additional pockets sown in.
Skills: Mostly intellectual, has a thorough understanding of Science (especially anything electricity oriented) and Magic (ESPECIALLY anything electricity oriented)
Powers: Magic: focus on electricity, magnetism, alchemy, and enchantment.
Personality: Insane, loves science and engineering, spends most of the time in his lab.
History: Trained in the arts of magic by an alchemist, met Nicola Tesla and learned some of the secrets of lightning, ended up in a fight with a demon that he knew he couldn't beat, trapped said demon in is head at the cost of his own sanity, Fredrich has led an interesting life.
Additional Information: Will create cannons when necessary, or when not necessary (but when isn't a cannon necessary).
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Fredrich Faraday
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