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 Inigo Montaine

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Name: Inigo Montaine

Age: 25

Sex: Male

Appearance: Inigo has dark hair which he keeps a little long, brown eyes, and strong features. He stands at 6' even and is very athletic. He tends to wear finer clothing, often favouring a collared shirt with slightly puffed sleeves under a vest, slacks, and boots.

Skills: Primarily swordsmanship. Inigo is a world-class swordsman with many years of actual combat experience against the supernatural. As a result of the work he puts into his sword skills, Inigo is extremely fit, quite strong, and highly disciplined. Additionally, as he fights against the evils of the world due to deep personal reasons, his convictions about his actions are very strong.

Powers: Although Inigo does have magic potential, it was only discovered relatively recently, and he has deliberately not trained himself in the use of his abilities. As such, he cannot intentionally do magic very often, and doing so requires a great deal of effort for relatively little payoff. It is also not uncommon for him to inadvertently cast magic when his emotions run hot, which sometimes results in positive effects, and sometimes in negative ones.

Personality: Inigo is confident in his abilities and motivations, and tends to walk with a determined air about him. He places high value on honour and integrity, and he has little patience for what he perceives to be immoral behaviour. His values are more than a touch old-fashioned, and he has taken the idea of the knight in shining armour a little too much to heart. For the most part, this manifests in his wanting to defend the weak and help those in need, but it also can make him a little self-righteous, and can cause him to miss out on some of the grey areas of morality. Inigo can be a bit of a hothead, and seldom knows when to back down, and even when he does, he generally does so in a way that is far from gracious (such as outright insulting his opponent). He will also go to sometimes ludicrous lengths to make a point, and he does not take attacks on his person well. As his entire family is gone, he is deeply protective of what of them remains in his possession, such as his parents' swords, their house, and other such belongings. He also has a strong love for his friends, as they are his only family now.

History: Inigo was born into a wizarding family as the youngest member (by seven minutes). He had two sisters, one four years older (Lucretia) and the other his twin (Sophie). Both his sisters developed magical abilities their early pubescence, but Inigo's abilities did not. He received joking ridicule from his sisters about this, and although they did not intend harm, Inigo did develop a slight inferiority complex because of his lack of magic. Thankfully, as both his parents were wardens of the white council, Inigo and his sisters were all trained in swordplay from a young age, and there Inigo showed a rare talent. He worked hard at his sword skills from the very beginning, and when he still didn't have magic by the time he turned twelve, he started putting almost all of his effort into his training, practicing for three to five hours almost every day.
Around the same time he started getting heavily into swordplay, he formed an unlikely friendship with a bookish boy named Holland Spencer. The two of them got along very well, despite having many differences. At the time, Inigo was putting almost all of his attention into swordplay and trying to make his magic manifest, much to the detriment of his schoolwork. Holland managed to help Inigo out by lighting a fire under him and convincing him that academic pursuits were not irrelevant, no matter how boring they might be. It is every bit as much due to Holland as Inigo's parents that Inigo did not drop out of highschool.
When Inigo and Sophie were seventeen, their parents were killed in a fire. By this time, Lucretia was off in her own place, doing decently well for herself, so it was down to the two of them to deal with most of the fallout. There were relatively few difficulties (besides the death of their parents), as Inigo's family was more than decently well off, owning a four-floor house in West Vancouver, but, while the two of them were left with a decent amount of money, with no income, living expenses, and a house to maintain, they would fairly quickly exhaust what they were left. In order to keep the house and help Sophie with both her mundane and magical educations, Inigo turned down an opportunity to attend university (more to Holland's dismay than Inigo's; he was happier living by his sword anyway), and instead took a job as a fencing instructor for the youth of West Van.
Over the course of a couple years Sophie and Inigo became even closer than they were before their parents' deaths, and the two of them became practically inseparable. In addition to their living in their parents' house together, the two of them started at this time the habit of going out and challenging supernatural baddies. It started out as a way to vent their frustration at the world after their parents died, but quickly became something greater. Within a few months, they were going out three or four times a week, hunting down ghouls in Surrey, raiding vampire nests in Richmond, and much more. It was at this time that Sophie started referring to the two of them as "The Vanguard," a pun she adored, and Inigo tolerated. They kept this up for several years, both of them using their fight against the supernatural as another way to hone their skills and at the same time do some good. Unfortunately, when they were nineteen, a Denarian ambushed them while they were out on a hunt. Despite their experience at combating the supernatural, when engaging a Denarian they were heavily outclassed, and they were both badly injured, Sophie mortally so. Instead of just killing them outright, the Denarian took Inigo's longsword (which belonged to his father), and Sophie before running off.
Shaken by his inability to defeat the Denarian, Inigo began to focus even more heavily on his swordplay, and committed much of his spare time to learning more about Denarians and how to defeat them. Without Sophie around, he stopped going out and fighting the supernatural for a while, and he was also able to afford teaching fewer students (as his living costs were cut to less than half), so he instead dedicated more of his time to his task of one day taking his revenge.
After a year of mourning the loss of his sister, he once again started going out at night to hunt the supernatural, this time on his own. The year of training vastly improved his already impressive skills, and he began doing very well. Within a few weeks he was feeling almost as well as he had before he lost Sophie thanks to his success and regular goings out with Holland and a few of Holland's other friends. One night, while hunting down a troll he'd heard rumours about living under a bridge, Inigo was surprised when he discovered that the troll he'd heard about was only one of the three that were using the bridge as a hideout. He managed to beat a tactical retreat after besting one of them, but not before he'd suffered some minor injuries. By this time, Holland was a very promising student at medical school, so Inigo went to him for help. Holland did offer to help him, but when he asked Inigo what had caused him to be banged up, he refused to tell him, as Holland was not aware of the existence of the supernatural world. Instead of just keeping quiet, or making up a lie, Inigo instead decided that the best way to inform his friend of the trolls was to take him right to them. When the two of them arrived at the bridge, Inigo called out a challenge to the trolls (causing Holland to temporarily question the sanity of his friend), prompting them to come out. This time the battle went more beneficially for Inigo, but it did leave Holland a little bit in shock. Inigo decided to scout around, and dragged Holland with him to check out why the trolls were where they were. After a few minutes of looking, Holland discovered while in a daze, that the area was a treasure stash for the trolls, and he discovered there a lantern that was the home of a fire spirit of healing. When he picked up the lantern, he became its owner, and Inigo insisted that he keep it, as he thought it might be useful for a doctor to have a magical healing implement. Holland (while a little wigged out) did agree that holding on to it might have some benefits, and kept the lantern, which has been educating him on the subject of the supernatural ever since.
Even while he was going out at night, Inigo still kept trying to hunt down every little piece of information he could concerning what happened on the night his sister was taken from him. After a few years, he finally heard that apparently some fairies in the area had in their possession a warden sword. With considerable digging, he eventually found out that the sword in question was indeed the one that had belonged to his father and was stolen from him on that fateful night. He went to an old friend of his parents, named Adam, who was very powerful, to see if he could get any assistance. Adam's granddaughter, Allie, who was a friend (and ex) of Inigo's, overheard his plight and insisted that she could help. She reminded him that she could turn into a fox, and, with the help of her friend Dave (who could do the same), thought that the two of them could probably sneak inside and steal the sword out from under the fairies' noses. Adam gave his blessing, and the three of them got to work planning. A few nights later, they put their plan into action, and they were successful in that they did manage to get the sword, but in getting out, a sentry saw the foxes carrying the sword and handing it to Inigo. The sentry raised the alarm, and in getting away, Inigo was forced to slay many of the fairies in the area.

Inigo's history is long enough as it is, I think. I shall refrain from summarising everything that has happened in our time playing, as it would just make things longer, and I'm sure you all remember.
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Inigo Montaine
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