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 Elli Greenwood

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Name: Elli Greenwood is the name she'll give out, though her true name is a bit different (as is her legal name).
Age: 22
Sex: Female
Orientation: At least 95% heterosexual
Appearance: Elli stands at about 5'2" with a fairly slender build. Though she's in good shape, she doesn't show much muscle definition. Elli has straight, shoulder-length blond hair framing a roundish face featuring an upturned nose, bright green eyes and pale brows.
Personality: Elli acts calm and level-headed most of the time, getting inexplicably bubbly whenever she's feeling threatened by someone. She is a terrible liar and can't manage any kind of deception without at least a grain of truth to base it on. Elli is naturally cautious and considers removing innocents from a dangerous situation and survival of said situation more important than definitively defeating the enemy. Enjoys going out with female friends but doesn't like it when male friends see her drunk. She holds life to be sacred and literally feels the loss of a life.
History: Elli's was born in a town in southern Ontario, her parents divorcing when she was a toddler. Her mother remarried a few years later to a man with a son several years older than Elli. After their marriage, Elli's mother and stepfather had three children of their own, the oldest of which is 6 years younger than Elli.
Elli discovered her powers gradually, noticing a somewhat unnatural affinity for plants around the age of 12. After a few years of experimentation, Elli found she could accelerate and manipulate a plant's growth, as well as controlling small quantities of air, earth and water. At 16, she found that she could sense supernatural creatures--and shortly after, she found out that they could sense her. After a near miss with a ghoul, Elli decided to leave her town to go to university, since that would keep her family from being caught up in magical troubles. Elli went to the University of British Columbia, studying geography, until a warlock professor attempted to enthrall her in second year. Escaping due to a well-timed soulgaze, Elli went on the run as the professor made a number of attempts to kill her. Fleeing from one such attempt, Elli managed to open a way directly into the seat of the Autumn Court of Faerie. In desperation, she pledged her services to the court in exchange for their protection. As a result, when she was offered the position of the Fall Knight, she was unable to refuse.
Powers/ Abilities: Elli's powers include growth and control of plants, water manipulation and state changes, manipulation of liquid inside living creatures, some earth and air magic, and basic spirit and fire magic. Fire is by far her weakest element. Elli is also an able plant breeder, allowing her to develop plants with desirable traits to enhance the effects of her magic. Elli is apprenticing with Fredrick and a Fall Court retainer to learn thaumaturgy, but she often struggles with the more conventional magics. She is also learning swordplay from Inigo and a different Fall Court retainer and though she will never be a world class swordswoman, she knows enough to hold her own in a fight.
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Elli Greenwood
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