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 Juliette Joanne Cox

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PostSubject: Juliette Joanne Cox   Juliette Joanne Cox EmptyMon Jul 07, 2014 1:01 pm

Name: Juliette Joanne Cox (J.J. (Not Abrams), Jules (from those who bullied her), Romeo (Because Juliette was already cast))

Age: 16

Sex: Female

Appearance: Primarily defined with soft youthful features around the jaw and cheeks with tired and slightly sinking eyes. has naturally flushed cheeks and moderate freckling around the bottom off the eyes and nose. Her hair is long wavy with a dirty blond colour. She stand at 163.3 cm with a slightly top heavier muscle structure and carries little excess body fat. multiple scars on her body. Mirrored Tattoos of the laws of magic written on her upper arm.

Personality: Socially awkward, has a strong sense of morality and suffers from depression and separation anxiety.

Skills: gifted and creative when it comes to arts, crafts and construction.

Powers: Can manipulate glass in shape, toughness and reflection. also has manipulative capabilities over various paints.

Equipment: 1 Mirror Shield that can reflect 1 spell per charge. 1 armoured hoodie. 1 Electric Cigarette with endless chocolate flavor.

History: With A dead mother and absent father Juliette was raised by her uncle, a distant man who viewed her as a nuisance. Over time her grew more aggressive and abusive until one day a warden showed up and decapitated him for practicing illegal magic. Of course, 8 year old Juliette didn't find this out till she came home to all the blood and circles. soon in foster home and, due to general disinterest of her father, thereafter adopted, she gained a new interest; magic.
She started practicing magic herself, but unlike her uncle, she stayed with the laws, only using it to have an edge in art class. She grew a passion for glass work, and so specialized in that, manipulating it to created intricate and beautiful pieces of work. One of her fist attempts at broadening her skill came with a accidental use of the sight. Unable to control it for a strait two hours, she witnessed the true selves of almost everyone at her school from manipulative friends to abusive teachers and even that one staff member warlock. Needless to say, she abandoned her "friends" and became one the most introverted kids in school. She also had an unpleasant run in with the warlock, something that ended in a warden and a hospital trip.
Juliette, on multiple occasions, questioned what her morals should be. Her depression constantly swung from having positive hope for humanity to wanting everyone at her school impaled on shards of glass. At some point  she forced herself into a morale code, and that just included 'protect'. She had a lot of trouble letting go of people she gets remotely close to and her own material objects that she decided that no matter how much she hates the people around her or how little hope she has for people, she will do her best to make sure magic doesn't harm anyone.

Additional Information:
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Juliette Joanne Cox
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