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 "Nomei": Orphan of the White Court

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"Nomei": Orphan of the White Court Empty
PostSubject: "Nomei": Orphan of the White Court   "Nomei": Orphan of the White Court EmptyWed Jul 09, 2014 12:02 am

Name: Unknown/"Nomei"

Age: 21

Sex: Female

Appearance:  Shoulder length black hair with blue and red streaks in her bangs. Well built 5'7" frame. As of placing the Necklace of Harmonia around her neck, she now stands at 5'8'', with a smooth and elegant figure; a body reminiscent of an experienced dancer.

Skills: Nomei has a disciplined mind, and is highly deceptive. Her time growing up on the street has given her experience with firearms and hand-to-hand combat. During her time travelling through the past, she has learned swordplay from the knights of King Arthur, begun to use her enhanced speed and strength to give her subtle advantages on the battlefield, radiate fear or lust or anger to throw off opponents, and acquired a modest array of weaponry which she can use competently.

Powers: As a White Court vampire, Nomei has heightened speed and strength, and is even more efficient at recovering from injuries than most white court vampires, though she has a particular weakness for acts of true courage. Over the years, Nomei has traveled to many families in the White Court in order to learn how to manipulate multiple emotions. At range. For a lasting effect... She doesn't think she's done either. Although she can incite Lust and Rage in her foes and food alike, she is only capable of actually feeding off Fear... a fact that she very often fails to mention.

Personality: Nomei is flirtatious, stubborn and adventurous. She can seem overconfident at times, but in her defense, she did survive that cave incident. Although she's left her old life of crime and homelessness behind her, she retains her love for mischief - just because she's not a criminal anymore doesn't mean she can't seduce a dozen or so men now and again, it's not like they mind. Despite her normal nonchalance about the well-being of those around her, Nomei cares deeply for her friends, none more so than Ellie and Feora. The latter's death has struck Nomei hard and has caused her to spend most of her free time training to control her powers and hanging out with Ellie.

History: No one quite knows where Nomei came from, just that she was found as a baby by a young couple and taken to a police station. After being placed in foster home after foster home, the child disappeared at the age of five and began living on the street. Using her powers to survive and steal for the next five years, Nomei just barely kept herself alive. At the age of ten, a strange elderly man from Japan caught her stealing from his shop, when she attempted to frighten him away with her powers he simply stared at her. When he asked for her name and she answered that she had none, he told her that if she has no identity, she should define herself as what she knows herself to be. He said that she is "kanzen-mei no nai". That she is "without a full name". He told her that those who have no Identity must forge a new one out of their past. The man also told her of the White Court vampire families. After speaking with him for many hours, she decided that what she wanted to be is someone who helps people. Taking "No" and "Mei" from "Kanzen-mei no nai" she takes on the title "Nomei" to those around her, but the man helped her forge her own name,内堪憎] 己続実 (I would prefer you not translate that yet), one that she calls herself in her deepest mind. The next seven years are spent traveling North America, refining her powers before finally turning to the life of amateur vigilantism. Not an easy thing to do when you're a creature the White council wouldn't mind beheading... and 17. Three and a half years later however, somehow, she manages to make a name for herself; a name loud enough to call to Dave Mozilla in his hunt for his father. Those 3 weeks in Chicago have become legends to their friends... legends that nobody ever needs to talk about or know about... ever... in all time. I'm serious, don't ask. Nomei's true name, although remaining Phonetically the same, changed once she felt that she belonged with the Vanguard, her true name is 内堪憎 己属実.
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"Nomei": Orphan of the White Court
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