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 Rose Mozilla: The Lion Magician

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PostSubject: Rose Mozilla: The Lion Magician   Rose Mozilla: The Lion Magician EmptyWed Jul 09, 2014 12:14 am

Name: Rose Mozilla, Lianna

Age: 27

Sex: Female

Appearance: Rose likes to change up her appearance... a lot. Not many people even remember what she really looks like under all those disguises

Personality: Rose is usually calm, collected, intelligent and kind. Other times, she is brash, abrasive and really, really, really angry at her father. Rose's only goal in life is to complete her mother's work and kill her father. Unfortunately, when it comes to completing this goal, she has a tendency to lose her cool and lash out... with claws. Never let it be said that Rose Mozilla is a coward... seriously, don't say it, last person who called her a coward was found three days later tied to a water tower... in Michigan... they were in New York.

Skills: Rose is well versed in the lore of the land, and other lands, she's well educated and can fluently speak five languages including English and Latin, and is familiar with nearly a dozen more. She has a tendency to name her spells by fusing words from multiple languages together.

Powers: Rose is a Kinetomancer, she can knock enemies back and create force fields. More than that though, Rose is a shapeshifter like her brother; although, while he became a fox, she became a lion.

History: These are taken off of her character sheet and pasted together: Rose grew up in the Mozilla household along side Dave Mozilla. She tended to be an overprotective sister and had a penchant for doting on her younger brother. Her father however, never seemed to be around, and when he was he seemed... off. He always seemed to be hiding something from them. After her mother tried to kill her father and her brother disappeared (she assumed he had died too), Rose swore she would never lose anyone important to her again and left in search of a way to become stronger. In searching for a way to get stronger, Rose quickly discovered the supernatural world and the power within. She found a duo of magic users who she asked to teach her. Not believing that she would be able to learn anything, they rebelled at first, however, she eventually managed to convince them to let her try. She succeeded in learning the basics of magic, and soon after, shapeshifting. During her time training, she came across notes from her mother as she planned the murder of her husband. Learning of who her father was, she decided to take on her mother's work: to kill her father. Having learned to both shapeshift and use magic, it seemed an inevitable conclusion that she cross paths with the council, and cross paths she did, with a young aspiring fire mage in fact. Who she helped with a certain vampire problem. They may or may not have blown up a jade court base of operations.

Additional Information: She really doesn't care what you think, she's going to kill Veil, and that's the end of it.
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Rose Mozilla: The Lion Magician
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