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 General Roleplay Rules

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PostSubject: General Roleplay Rules   Tue Jun 19, 2012 3:45 pm

These rules are for standard roleplays (please keep in mind that standard forum rules always apply)

When posting a roleplay scenario:

1. Include ALL pertinent information

2. Give a blank character template

3. If playing, include your character, either within the post of the scenario itself, of in a post immediately after

4. Images are A-OK

5. Be objective, not opinionated; your goal is to outline a world, not tell the people what to think of it.

6. Try to avoid creating a scenario either identical or very similar to one already in existence unless you have a very good reason. Even then, check with the Admin first.

When a creating character in a scenario:

1. Obey the rules set down by the creator of the RP (shorthand for roleplay). If they don't want you playing a character with god-mode turned on, then there is no god-mode.

2. Do not try to outsmart the creator. If they left a loophole that you could use to put yourself in a better position than the others, point it out to the creator, and don't use it.

3. When in doubt about whether or not you can do something, ask the creator.

4. DO NOT make alterations to their world. The world that someone creates is sacred, do not soil the sanctity of their creation. If you think that something might be better, rather than putting it in, suggest it to the creator, but leave it up to them after that point; it's they're world, they get to build it as they like it, if you have a problem with that, don't join. (This goes for both posting a character and posting in an active RP)

5. Do not make the most powerful character and then give them no weaknesses. There's a reason everyone prefers Batman to Superman.

6. Give your characters depth. Playing alongside vapid or shallow characters is boring. For that matter, roleplaying AS vapid or shallow characters is boring.

7. Give your characters variety. If there is already a silent, deadly ninja character in the RP, don't create another one unless you have a vastly different take on the archetype than the person who has already claimed it.

8. Let things lie. If someone beats you to the mark with creating the character you wanted, don't put up a fuss, move on; your turn will come.

9. Whatever you do, play as more than one character. For the love of god, do not create one or two different characters and them use them across all your RPs, tweaking only enough to make them fit. If your character already exists in another RP, don't use them again. This is not to say you can't have characters that are similar, but try to mix it up a bit, otherwise you will eventually be branded as the one who always goes for character "A" with traits "X, Y, and Z." Trust me, it's obnoxious as hell to play with someone like that. The admin on my old forum had three characters, and she didn't even change their names form RP to RP, and it was infinitely frustrating, as she wasn't really contributing to the collective creation that was taking place.

When posting in an active RP:

1. No spamming. If you post something, wait until someone else has posted in response before posting again. If you accidently left out something important, post a quick addendum and leave it at that.

2. Try not to break the fourth wall, as it can very quickly destroy the immersion everyone else is feeling.

3. Remember that you are not just creating for yourself, but for a number of people simultaneously. Don't do just whatever you want, but consider how your post would affect the others participating.

4. You have control over only your own character. Unless you are the creator, your power is limited to only controlling your own character, while the creator controls everything but the other PC's (unless the creator has specifically handed power off to another player).

5. Do not try to take over the story. Too often I have seen players trying to make their character the centre of the story, and it's never fun to play with, not to mention horribly rude to the creator. The creator has a story in mind, and everyone has the main character.

6. Don't contradict the creator. If they say something happened, do not explain how you managed to stop it at the last second; it happened, deal with it and move on.

Above all else, have fun! This was made for the sake of entertainment, so enjoy yourself!
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General Roleplay Rules
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