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 Tim: Knight of the Spring Court

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Tim: Knight of the Spring Court Empty
PostSubject: Tim: Knight of the Spring Court   Tim: Knight of the Spring Court EmptyWed Jul 09, 2014 12:38 pm

Name: Tim of the Spring Court (as much as he'll give out)
Age: Early 30s
Sex: Male
Appearance: About 5'10", with dark hair and eyes.
Personality: Tim plays things close to his chest. There are two faces his presents to the world: one, a cold and calculating man who thinks only of risk and benefit to himself and his court and the second, a witty, friendly man who enjoys being the centre of attention and taking on any verbal challenge. It is difficult to say whether either of these is dominant, or if both of them are put on for show. He loves British comedies.
History: Tim grew up in Hong Kong with his mother, Chinese, and his father, British. His mother worked as an intelligence analyst for the Spring Court and his father spent most of his time in the mortal business world. Tim discovered a talent for magic in his early teens and his parent pulled some strings to have him apprentice with a member of the White Council. However, contrary to expectations, Tim never developed the strength and breadth of power required to be a member of the White Council--his evocation is very weak. Tim didn't consider the apprenticeship a loss, since he was able to develop his thaumaturgy, which is his real magical strength. Tim dabbled in both his parents' businesses for a while before he was offered the position of Spring Knight. Even knowing a great deal about the drawbacks to knighthood, Tim agreed. He is an excellent diplomat, able to draw out information from unwilling sources as well as negotiate contracts with those in the magical community. Hong Kong is still his base of operations.
Abilities: Tim can do minor evocation with wind and spirit. His thaumaturgy is strong and varied--he is able to focus his mind throughout very complicated rituals and has excellent lore. He specializes in veils that make him nigh undetectable, even by most magic users.
Relationships: As of the current canon, Tim is dating Allie. He and Elli are on better terms than any Spring and Fall knights in recent memory, though he still isn't sure whether she's just actually that nice and naive or she's the best actress he's ever met. Tim gets the feeling that Inigo doesn't like him very much.
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Tim: Knight of the Spring Court
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