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 Roz Murtaz

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Name: Rosalina (Roz) Murtaz
Age: 17-20 (depending on setting)
Sex/Orientation: Female/straight
Appearance: Roz has short, dark, straight hair in a very messy cut that she did herself one day. In spite of this, it looks good. Pretty much everything looks good on Roz. She has dark brows, dark brown eyes, full lips and high cheekbones. She stands at 5'8" with an hourglass figure that she can't figure out how to disguise. She's in good shape but doesn't show a lot of muscle definition. She tends to wear jeans and a t-shirt or tank top except on special occasions, when she'll wear a nicer pair of jeans and a nicer top. She never wears skirts or dresses if she can avoid it and avoids beaches and pools like the plague.
Personality: Roz goes out of her way to avoid drawing attention to herself, especially positive attention. She is abrasive and sarcastic, occasionally bordering on sullen. She tends to jump to the conclusion that any male in the vicinity is interested in her and will sometimes find double entendres where there are none. The only time she really opens up is when talking about her interests (mechanical engineering and firearms). An extreme pragmatist.
History: Roz is the daughter of Sherri Raith, the head of the White Court in Vancouver. Sherri was interested in starting her own brood of vampires to grow and spread her influence in the province, so she began looking for men who would produce superior offspring. She found her man in Roz's father, Abram, a police officer who showed excellent resistance to her lust-producing powers. After some work, she managed to seduce him and produce Roz, who she intended to be Rosalina Raith. Unfortunately, Abram's willpower was stronger than she expected and he managed to break from her control, sue her for custody of Roz, and win full custody. Abram knew Vancouver was going to be too hostile to him and Roz, so with some help of his friends on the force, he and Roz relocated elsewhere in the province, under assumed names. Eventually, when Roz began puberty, her father had a frank discussion with her about her heritage, the supernatural world, and the proper use of firearms against said supernatural world. Since Roz began to get hit on and cat called at every available opportunity, she has found it a great comfort to know she would be able to pump the most aggravating ones full of lead, should the occasion arise.
Abilities: Shooting guns. Lots of guns.
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Roz Murtaz
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