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 Prakash Ingebjorg: Regional Warden Commander

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Prakash Ingebjorg: Regional Warden Commander Empty
PostSubject: Prakash Ingebjorg: Regional Warden Commander   Prakash Ingebjorg: Regional Warden Commander EmptyWed Jul 23, 2014 1:55 pm

Name: Prakash Ingebjorg
Age: 220
Appearance: Tall and brown-skinned, with salt and pepper hair and dark eyes surrounded by laugh lines. He is rarely seen without a smile, except in the most serious situations.
Personality: Prakash is generally very easy-going (something that's necessary as a warden commander responsible for Seth's antics). He gets along well with the Vanguard, since he trusts Inigo to get things right. He has a rather hands-off approach to many supernatural conflicts, at least initially, and is reluctant to call in the White Council until he's sure that things have devolved into a full-scale crisis. Prakash takes the long-term view of things and is largely responsible for the quick push into former Red Court territory that largely avoided the trouble of the power vacuum seen elsewhere.
History: Prakash was born the child of a travelling Swedish father and an Indian mother, something that caused no end of scandal when the pair was married. The family immigrated to the United States, helped along by their contacts on the White Council, of which Prakash's mother was a member. Prakash grew up to be trilingual, an excellent literature student, and a clear candidate for White Council membership. After working as a professor of World Literature for a number of years, Prakash moved to Eastern Canada and restarted his career under a new name. He moved out west to Vancouver in the 1950's at the urging of the White Council, who needed a warden commander for Western Canada, and has been living there ever since. Prakash now speaks five languages fluently and is one of the best read people in the world.
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Prakash Ingebjorg: Regional Warden Commander
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