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 Gerome: Member of the Shadow Net

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PostSubject: Gerome: Member of the Shadow Net   Gerome: Member of the Shadow Net EmptyThu Jul 24, 2014 7:01 pm

*If you plan to use Gerome in a campaign, please ask Jennifer or Liam for guidance.
Name: Gerome
Sex: The picture of androgyny
Age: ?
Appearance: Gerome has short hair of a medium brown, a slender build and fine features. Gerome generally wears impeccably tailored business wear or expensive slacks and sweaters that give off a vaguely European impression. Gerome speaks in smooth, even tones and rarely seems perturbed.
Personality: It is difficult to surprise Gerome, a Wildfae who has been a faerie information broker for longer than any of our characters have been alive. With as many sources as the Shadow Courts, Gerome is one of the first to know anything of importance around Vancouver and is more likely to share than the Fall Court--if you can pay the right price for the information. Gerome has hidden loyalties, but it is beyond anyone so far to know exactly what they are. Evasive, smug, and an insufferable know-it-all, but still bound to tell the truth as much as any other faerie.
History: Gerome has been operating openly in Vancouver for the last 50-60 years, as soon as it became apparent that Vancouver was going to be an international trade hub (people have yet to run into a language that Gerome doesn't speak). In that time, Gerome has developed a reputation for fair dealing and for not taking sides--everyone pays the same price for information. Gerome is the newest addition to the Shadow Net and is suspected to be responsible for the spread of its information network in recent years. Gerome's goals and motives are currently unknown.
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Gerome: Member of the Shadow Net
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