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 Adam: An Old Dinosaur

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PostSubject: Adam: An Old Dinosaur   Adam: An Old Dinosaur EmptyMon Sep 08, 2014 11:39 pm

Name: Adam Saurian
Sex: Male
Age: Really old
Appearance: Adam appears for all the world to be a kindly older gentleman. He has dark, friendly eyes, and his hair is white, and kept quite short, in a business-like style. Despite looking quite old, he still seems to be in excellent health, and stands straight at a height of 6'4". He dresses well, albeit in the fashions of yesteryear, and his clothing is always immaculate.
Personality: While Adam seems to be nothing more than a friendly and generous old man, his kindness belies a strength and force of character that he seldom demonstrates. While he is gentle and caring towards any who come to him with peaceful intentions, when someone threatens a friend, loved one, or even just a patron of his establishment, Adam is capable of a great deal more than he initially seems. While he appears to have great power, he favours indirect actions such as guiding or aiding over direct intervention.
History: Not much is known of Adam's history. That he is very old is evident, as there are none alive who remember him as a young man, including members of the White Council. How old he is exactly (or even approximately) is unknown, but there are those who suspect that he may have been present during ancient times such as during the Roman Empire, or Ancient Egypt. Others doubt this, and Adam himself has never said anything to indicate that either is true, so no one is certain. What is known is that he has a fondness for people, and has throughout the centuries found himself in positions of almost constant interaction with the public. He has even been known to adopt the occasional orphaned child and raise them as his own. Currently, he owns a moderately-sized pub in West Vancouver called "The Old Bird." He lives upstairs from the pub with the daughter of his last adopted child.
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Adam: An Old Dinosaur
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