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 Samuel Kayne: Grizzled ex-priest exorcist

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Samuel Kayne: Grizzled ex-priest exorcist Empty
PostSubject: Samuel Kayne: Grizzled ex-priest exorcist   Samuel Kayne: Grizzled ex-priest exorcist EmptyThu Jan 01, 2015 5:05 am

Character Info

Name: Samuel Kayne
Age: Late 20s to Early 30s
Sex: Male

Appearance: A pudgy, bald, clean-shaven black man with a permanent frown chiseled on his face as if a part of him died long ago. He is usually seen wearing unkempt business casual attire and a heavy trench coat.
Personality: Idealistic, cynical and compassionate, the world has been cruel and indifferent to him yet he still thinks its worth saving any day of the week. He has a tendency to put himself in danger for the sake of others but isn't usually the smartest when coming up with the "how's".
Skills: Skilled at reading people, educated in the ways of the Church and some know-how in investigation. Hes also not bad with handguns. As a priest he has some know-how to appeal to a crowd and talk to people. He is a man of unshakeable conviction in what he believes in and the force of will to stay on the high road. Lastly, he knows how to take a beating.
Powers: Even though he isn't with the Church he is still very much a man of God. Some may say that the miracles that occur in his presence are from happenstance, some say its the hand of God.

History: Sam's first encounter with the supernatural was when something from under his little sister's bed decided to crawl up and butcher* her. Nobody believed what he saw that night, and nobody believed he didn't do it. A man of his complexion and a dead body? It was open and shut for too many people. The official investigation exonerated him as a suspect but it didnt stop the fingers being pointed. He had to leave his old life behind and many years later his sojourn had ended up leading him to the Church.

The death of Rachel weighed heavily on his heart. He knew nothing of the creature that took her that night so many years ago. But he did have God on his side. And with God he led a personal crusade against the tides of darkness.  His expertise in evil spirits and possessions were called upon time and time again by the Church. It was because of these expertise that he would get a hold of a demonic relic, a revolver called "Mercy". And a man named Holland, a doctor with a funny lamp.

Later he would come across a lost soul named Keung, a sorcerer/mercenary in trouble with a court of vampires. After a night on the town the two get discovered by said vampires and hold up in Sam's church. It looked like things would be smooth sailing from there, until Keung in between his drunken slurring invited the vampires to entire the Church as a dare. The two survive but the mess left behind the day after was more than Sam could explain and he was unceremoniously kicked out of the congregation.

Other/Misc. Info:
Likes to drink socially.
Knows how to Macrame.
Dead sister named "Rachel", a hot-button topic.
Associated in the supernatural community with the Vanguard.
In possession of the demonic revolver, "Mercy". Sometimes it will drain some blood from Sam to unleash a more powerful shot than usual. Sometimes by Sam's choice, sometimes not so much.

Current Events:
Had an illegitimate child (named Mary) with one "Deanna Bell". Both deceased, child-birth complications.
While the two weren't married, it wasn't by any means an unplanned pregnancy. Ever since the death of Deanna and his child, the gun "Mercy" has been taunting him with sounds associated with newborns, such as crying or laughing of newborns or music boxes, that only he can hear.
The prospect of being with Deanna and a child had helped him overcome his grief over his dead sister, this turn of events however had left a fresh and even deeper wound.

*Cue CSI Miami theme song

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Samuel Kayne: Grizzled ex-priest exorcist
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