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PostSubject: Raphael    Raphael    EmptyFri Jan 02, 2015 2:37 am

Name: Raphael (like the artist, not the turtle)

Age: 21

Sex: Male

Appearance: Raphael has short dirty-blonde hair, styled in a faux-pompadour sort of look. He has pale blue eyes, attractive features, a slight frame, and stands 5'9". Raphael keeps in shape, but isn't much for unnecessary activity, so while there is little fat on him, there also is little muscle. He wears jeans, and a brown leather jacket over a t-shirt. (Think James Dean in "Rebel Without a Cause" with a palette swap)

Skills: Not much that's especially useful. He holds a joint degree in commerce and art history from the University of British Columbia, so he's smart enough to get through post-secondary education, but beyond that his talents lie mostly in dealing with people. He also knows decent modern survival skills as a drifter in our world, but other than what he's picked up in his year and a half of wandering, he's lived a pretty sheltered life. He has remarkable willpower, though.

Powers: Nothing supernatural. He has a particular talent for reading people, and another for visual composition, but he's as vanilla mortal as they come.

Personality: Pleasant, charming, affable, more intelligent than he lets on, etc. He's a nice, clever, attractive young man who decided after a bad break-up to try a change of scenery, and liked the changing so much, he never stopped moving around.

History: For the most part, Raphael lived a fairly ordinary middle-class life in Vancouver, BC. He went to school, took art classes, hung out with his friends, and just generally enjoyed himself growing up. When he was in university, he met a (seemingly) lovely young woman named Taylor, and shortly thereafter they started dating. Unfortunately, unbeknownst to him, Taylor was in fact a White Court vampire of the house Raith. She fed on him. A lot. Eventually he was clued in to her true nature, which was a bit of a shock (not only was his girlfriend using him, but she was a vampire: a creature that until that very moment he had been certain did not exist). Long story short (he doesn't like to talk about it), he broke away from her, broke his addiction to her, and broke up with her. It wasn't pretty. He's been on the road ever since.

Additional Information: At this point, he knows that white court vamps exist. That's about it, but after learning of them, Raphael has become much more open to the idea of magic and the like existing. Also, he doesn't like vampires much.
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