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 Holland Spencer

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PostSubject: Holland Spencer   Mon Feb 09, 2015 10:22 pm

Name: Holland Spencer

Age: 25

Sex: Male

Appearance: 6'1", 156 lbs., blond hair, short in the back, longer in the front with a prominent cowlick. Blue eyes slowly changing to yellow-orange since bonding with the lantern. Wears glasses.

Skills: Fairly good driving abilities from his time as an ambulance driver/medical first-responder. Excellent self-control/discipline. Increasing knowledge of supernatural lore, especially of Greek mythology and the Spring court of faeries. Extremely well-read, and a very fast reader. Very sensitive to others' emotions, and quite capable of understanding the thoughts and motivations of the people around him. Quite sociable.

Powers: Can use his lantern to heal the wounds (physical or mental) of any living creature he is close enough to. He can also use the lantern to temporarily improve a person's abilities. Due to the extended exposure to the healing flames, Holland heals notably more rapidly than ordinary people, and any potential scars will heal completely. The lantern's light is also capable of pinning ghosts and other wayward spirits, as well as at least inconveniencing many other malicious beings.

Personality: Cares deeply and strongly for people, regardless of his personal connection to them. As a doctor, he takes his Hippocratic oath very seriously, and the very notion of harming another human being is repulsive to him (this does not, however, extend to creatures of the fey. If a troll is attacking him, he is quite ready to torch a bitch).

History: [To be filled at a later date]

Additional Information: Although he still wears his glasses, his continued exposure to the healing flame has fixed his vision such that they are no longer necessary. He still wears them, in part to impede supernatural beings that can use direct eye contact to their benefit.
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Holland Spencer
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