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 Victor Emett

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PostSubject: Victor Emett   Mon Feb 09, 2015 10:32 pm

Name: Victor Emmet

Age: 17

Sex: Male.

Skills: Very sociable, adept at sneaking (to go to parties!!! Woooo!!!!!), and fairly intelligent.

Powers: Sonomancy (sound magic!)

Personality: Bonds very quickly with other people (makes friends fast. Like, very fast), since his parents move around a lot. Enjoys a good party. Settles in to a new setting fairly easily. Runs away from stresses and problems (parties. Woohoo!).

History: From a young age, Victor has had to deal with the fact that his parents move around a lot, causing him to feel disconnected from the world around him. To cope, Victor has learned to make friends quickly, but not deeply.
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Victor Emett
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