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 Gregory Dae: The Mentor

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PostSubject: Gregory Dae: The Mentor   Gregory Dae: The Mentor EmptySun Feb 15, 2015 9:01 am

Name: Gregory Adrian Dae

Age: 46

Sex: Male

Appearance: Short red hair, surprisingly well built for a middle aged priest. 5'8"

Skills: Gregory has a strong will and a drive to help people. He also drives places to help people.

Powers: Gregory has been able to open his third eye for as long as he can remember, and the powers of faith are as powerful as they are mysterious.

Personality: Gregory is a generous soul, full of life, always with a smile on his face. Although, he's not afraid to get serious when monsters come to blows.

History: Gregory was born in Grand Rapids, Michigan, but moved to Toronto to live with relatives when he was thirteen. Gregory was born to Jackson and Marie Dae. He has two younger siblings, one of which left home when she was old enough, and has hardly been seen since. When he was a child, he discovered he had the ability to see the world as it truly was. When he first acquired this ability, all he saw were amazing, beautiful things and people. It was these first images of the world that later drove him in his search for faith. Gregory dropped out of high school sometime in his graduating year, leaving to travel the world and search for a religion he could accept. The wonder his eyes had shown him convinced him that the Divine had to be a work SOMEWHERE. The story of Gregory's travels in his missing 20+ years are long and wild... tales that he prefers to leave in the past. Greg encountered problems while he was searching for a religion that fit his beliefs. among the monsters of the nigh, he couldn't find one that sought to include everyone, even those who didn't believe what he did and wouldn't ever believe what he did. One day, he came across a Minister of the united church, whom he looked to with his true eyes, and found his heart to be pure and understanding. In 1996 he joined the United church of canada as a full member. 7 years later he was ordained and 3 years after that, he formed a new church in a small town, where he guided the youth of the town who had magical abilities
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Gregory Dae: The Mentor
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