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PostSubject: swordmage/zombie/robot   Sun Mar 01, 2015 2:47 am

Character Info

Name: Zanothak
Age: Appears to be Mid-30s, actual age closer to a hundred.
Sex: Male

Appearance: Wizard robe + armor and cavalrysabre/heatershield. Athletically built yet slender.
Personality: Cheerful yet forboding.
Skills: Magic, sword and shield fighting. Knowledge of arcane subjects.
Powers: He can enchant his sabre for many different purposes, a plorethra of barrier spells, he can cause the magic in his body to rupture and decimate those around him as well as a circle of ice that instantly freezes those around him for a short period. And he has the ability to summon an orb that pulls and crushes things around it.!ZbiR!Yccacc

History: A man trying to outrun something inevitable.
Other/Misc. Info: Doesnt like naming his equipment.

Character Info

Name: Grimm
Age: ???
Sex: Male

Appearance: A muscular zombie whose flesh has turned purple and is taut around his face. Wears pants and not much else.
Personality: Kind, understanding, protective.
Skills: Is "sentient". Articulate and academic. Can go on long marches with no sleep or food.
Powers: Peak human strength and speed. More he exerts himself, the more rigor mortis sets in. Can be undone by daily dosage of Mcguffin syrum.

History: A person who died from the "zombie infection" but somehow regained higher brain functions at the cost of the memories of his previous life.
Other/Misc. Info: Likes classical music.

Character Info

Name: Cy
Age: 2
Sex: N/A

Appearance: a bipedal, sexless robot.
Personality: Pensive, gullible, "good"
Skills: Is "sentient". Is a computer. Is has strength and speed of a motorcycle engine.
Powers: Typical robot abilities.

History: Cy's creator was a lone scientist fired from the Military. He used to work on advanced Drone AI but wanted the Drones to be good and have things like a conscience instead of being nothing more than killers. Cy is the culmination of the creator's dream. Thrust into the mess called life, Cy is on a quest to be a real person. But will programming overcome the ghost in the shell?
Other/Misc. Info: Likes classical music.
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