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 Henry Jacinto, designated hero

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PostSubject: Henry Jacinto, designated hero   Wed Apr 29, 2015 1:04 am

Character: Henry Jacinto
Age: 16
Ethnicity: Portuguese
Gender: Male
Hair: Black
Appearance: Average in both departments of height and physique, he usually wears dark blue cargo shorts, the T-shirt of the day and his favorite green baseball cap. As a Highschool student he is usually seen wearing a backpack and his baseball bat. Because he loves baseball.
Player: Michael

High Concept aspect: PK hero
Template: Emmisary of Power
Musts: (-1) Marked by power
trouble aspect: But hero, you must!

BACKGROUND: where did you come from?
Henry grew up in a loving household where he recieved a proper upbringing and a happy childhood. This has blessed him with many charms and social graces though some might look down on a person who some would say "had it too easy" or are too willing to turn his non-tragic inner life into a tragic one.

RISING CONFLICT: What shaped you?
Phase aspect: CHOSEN ONE
One night Henry was awoken by bright lights flashing outside his bedroom window. What he saw was a meteor storm that lit up the night sky. Suddenly a light veered away from the cluster of lights and straight for his room. Inside the light was a being called "The god of psions" who was sending Henry a psychic message from the future where Henry would rise up to fight the tides of darkness and that the tides of darkness were already mobilizing to try to stop him. Then Henry woke up.

THE STORY: What was your first adventure?
GUEST STAR: Whose path have you crossed?
GUEST STAR REDUX: Who else's path have you crossed?

GOOD +3: Weapons, Athletics
FAIR +2: Endurance, Alertness, Empathy
AVERAGE +1: Rapport, Presence, Conviction, Discipline

(-1)Marked by power: +1 bonus to social skills in magical community
(-2)(Breath weapon) Psi Rockin: Thrown [Weapon] +2, Henry manifests a psychokinetic force at an enemy.

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Henry Jacinto, designated hero
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