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 Our World (Almost)

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PostSubject: Our World (Almost)   Thu Oct 11, 2012 10:51 pm

This is by far the simplest world to outline. Essentially, it's just our world, just not quite as we know it. Maybe thirty or forty years have gone by, and the future has come, or maybe thirty years ago things went a little differently (and created a parallel reality). It doesn't matter how it's different so long as it's mostly the same. Heck, it might even be exactly the same, and the characters are just people living their lives (sometimes a little slice-of-life can be nice). I don't know what it might be, but I do know one thing: finding out is gonna be sweet!

P.S. This does mean that things like post-apocalyptic worlds do not fit within this category, as there is nothing but a shared history in common.
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PostSubject: Re: Our World (Almost)   Sun Mar 01, 2015 2:06 am

How about a world where everything is as it is now except that Planeswalking is real and only a few "players" ignite their spark and those who do get recruited by a wizard circle called "Wizards of the Coast" to serve their unknown machinations under the guise of protecting our plane from the likes of Griselbrand, Lilianna vess and the Eldrazi?
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Our World (Almost)
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