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 Dave Mozilla: Silver-Tongued Fox

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Dave Mozilla: Silver-Tongued Fox Empty
PostSubject: Dave Mozilla: Silver-Tongued Fox   Dave Mozilla: Silver-Tongued Fox EmptyWed Jul 09, 2014 12:12 am

Name: Dave Mozilla

Age: 20

Sex: Male

Appearance: Dave is a young man of average height with short dark hair. He is considered attractive by most women and some men.

Personality: Dave is overconfident, charismatic and somewhat naive at times. Dave has a tendency to over estimate his usefulness in combat, and at one time had a tendency to jump into any situation he could without thinking. Well that put him face-to-face with a fallen angel... naked. Needless to say he's somewhat learned his lesson and that the job of jumping in first has been handed of to Nomei.

Likes: Long walks on the beach and jumping onto the face of the worst beings imaginable. Whether he can see them or not.

Dislikes: People who hurt his friends, Nomei, his father, Vampires, Nomei, wine, ghouls, Nomei, magic messing with his phone, Nomei, needing to find his clothes again, Nomei, brocoli, and did I mention he has a thing against Nomei?

Skills: Dave is a smooth talker and is gives off an overall... impressive presence about him.

Powers: Dave can shift into the form of a BLACK fox. That's really all he's good for. Also being thrown at people's faces.

History: Dave is the son of Veil Mozilla, and man known to most simply as Cowl. When his mother attempted to kill his father when he was ten, he ran away, losing the memories of the first ten years of his life. After 3 years on the street, he was taken in by the Kain family, a family nice enough to give him a place to sleep. While there he befriended the family's daughter, Rachel. After 3 years with the Kains, another tragedy struck. The Kains were killed by a Boogeyman, and his friend Rachel was eaten in from of him by the creature. Again Dave ran. This time though, he ran straight into the arms of a foxy red-head. The next three years were spent learning to shapeshift.

Additional Information: Dave has an uncanny knack for losing his clothes.
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Dave Mozilla: Silver-Tongued Fox
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